CoviDetect™ Multiplex Assay


Based on WHO and CDC guidelines

Approved and validated by Novo Nordisk and Rigshospitalet

CoviDetect™ is a multiplex test for detection of COVID-19 on Real-Time PCR. It enables analysis of three times as many samples, using the same standard laboratory equipment. The risk of false positive results is decreased due to an improved target sensitivity and specificity, in contrast to standard assays.

Our multiplex assay allows amplification of Viral N1 and N2 genes and the human RNAse P internal control in a multiplex reaction, in a single tube. Therefore, the testing capacity is increased, while dependency on consumables is reduced.

CoviDetect™ is designed for use on open Real-Time PCR platforms by detection on FAM, HEX/VIC and Cy5 channels. It is validated on BaseTyper™ (our PCR instrument), LightCycler 480 II, ABI 7500™ and ViiA7™. 

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CoviDetect™ COVID-19 Multiplex RT-qPCR N1 Assay comparison to comparator method.

CoviDetect™ COVID-19 Multiplex RT-qPCR N2 Assay comparison to comparator method.

Correlation between CoviDetect™ COVID-19 Multiplex RT-qPCR N1 and N2 assay Ct values and Comparator Method using SARS-CoV-2 positive leftover oropharyngeal swab specimens.